Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's been a while...

Since my last post over a month ago, I have:
1. Visited a uranium mine
2. Parkoured off the Berlin Wall
3. Waited for an overrated glockenspiel in Prague
4. Written the most terrible sociology essay ever
5. Packed two weeks worth of clothes and necessities into one large purple backpack
6. Gallivanted through the likes of Spain, France, and Italy

That's a lot of stuff to cover! Rather than try and explain this all, I'd much prefer to show you through pictures...

at the Wismut uranium mine... radioactivity!


cool sepia shot of the Brandenburger Gate in Berlin

black-and-white of Pariser Platz near the Brandenburger Gate

big church in Berlin + Fernsehturm (TV tower)

lovely shot of Prague along the Vltava River

famous Prague astronomical clock... wait for it...

Sorry for being a terrible blogger, but I figured pictures would interest you more than me blabbing on and on (it DOES happen!) about my gallivantings of the past month. Plus this gives YOU a perfect chance to talk to me about my travels! Hoping to get spring break pictures up ASAP, though school starts this week, so who knows when that'll happen...

For a full album of my Berlin experience, see below:


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