Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meißen excursion (pictures only)

Dear Mom, if one day I somehow become a billionaire, I will invest in a set of these for you.

I'll get this set for myself :D

Pretty much the coolest thing ever: an organ made of porcelain!

Monkey orchestra! (Music sold separately.)

Why hello down there, Europe.

Meißen Cathedral

Within the cathedral

Look at that detail, would ya?

Stereotypical view of a European street. Sorry, had to do it.

Little inflated bread child that we were supposed to keep safe all the way home!

Brie cheese on toast... tastes much more amazing than it looks (if you're a cheese fanatic!)

A little something I was able to conjure up in the kitchen... with Carbonari sauce, chicken, onions, and garlic!

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