Monday, February 22, 2010

Germans are too tall for me.

It's true. I can't reach the top shelf in our kitchen, where the salad bowls are stored, unless I magically grow six inches. That makes the process of eating a salad very difficult. Still, I've managed to feed myself appropriately. In other news, it was legitimately sunny out today, and warm enough for me to want to get my butt off the computer for a few hours and venture outside. I took some time to go grocery shopping, which is a newfound hobby of mine now that I know how to say numbers in German and can understand what the cashier is saying when he rings up my total. It's really exciting, in a mundane sort of way. Trust me on this one.
One of my favorite things about Europe (that I've discovered thus far) is the charming omnipresence of bakeries and cafes. Whenever my taste buds override my good sense and I go into one, I always get the feeling that each one of these tiny shops offering glass cases of sugary goodness is run by the friendly neighborhood baker lady, running around looking flustered while she tries to serve her loyal customers. It's a terrible description but that's the best I can do right now. Of course, I never had a friendly neighborhood baker lady, but there's a first time for everything! Stopped in today for ein pfannkuchen und ein spritzkuchen. The first is basically a jelly donut covered in sugar (yum!) and the second tastes basically like fried dough covered in a sugary glaze. Only more appetizing, because it's a fun shape!
Anyway, I'm looking forward to more days like this, because Dresden is BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to explore it more on my own! I'll end this with some pictures, because I promised...

Pfannkuchen... smells divine right now! But I have to save it for breakfast...

The Kreuzkirche near the Altmarkt (near my dorm!)

Der Rathaus in Dresden

View from the train on the way to Weimar

In Weimar!

Entrance to Buchenwald

Inside the gate... pretty somber place.

View from the Buchenwald quarry... beautiful, silent, tragic.

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  1. Haha well I can see why your taste buds are overriding your good sense! Also I think Buchenwald looks more somber in the winter, but then again, I can't imagine even the trees in the quarry could make it much better.