Saturday, February 13, 2010


As I attempt to ward off hunger for a couple hours until "real" dinnertime (Nutella on bread works wonders for this!), I've decided to upload a few pictures that I've taken throughout my week here. Today there was a neo-Nazi rally in the city, so I stayed indoors, as I'm not positive I could pass as a German. Just trying to stay safe, though the danger level probably wasn't too high since we were all invited by the program coordinators and RA's to participate in the counter-demonstration...

The first one is one of the buildings on the Technische Universitat Dresden (TUD) campus... not all of the buildings are so picturesque, but that one was kind of cool.

Here's the view from my dorm room:

The Academy of Fine Arts. Fine indeed. Or, "the lemon squeezer".

The Frauenkirche, Dresden's most famous attraction:

And just a street view in the older part of the city... very pretty!

That's all for now, folks!

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