Friday, February 19, 2010

So what's new?

Well, we started our German language classes this week. It was kind of nice to get back into the swing of things; we'll definitely need it to get prepped for classes in April. Outside of school, we also had our first cultural excursion yesterday, to Leipzig! It's a cute little city about an hour and a half away by train. Leipzig has a real European charm, just imagine: cobblestone streets, beautiful building facades, narrow alleyways, and street musicians serenading as you stroll by. The city itself is hard to describe adequately, as it must be when you're in a place as culturally rich and easily traveled as Europe. I guess every little town has its charms.
We must have looked quite the sight... thirty-some loud, boisterous Americans causing ruckus through the streets of Leipzig, streets barely wide enough to accommodate us all. Ha, sometimes I wonder what sort of impression the stern, worldly Europeans are getting from us. Dinner came at an Irish pub, a cozy, dimly lit, familiar sort of place. I had a Kartoffelsuppe, a potato soup, served with some type of sausage (which was delicious!) and of course, bread. I think of everything I have experienced here in Germany thus far, my favorite is the cuisine. Anyone knows I love to try new foods, and as of yet, I haven't had a German meal that I haven't enjoyed. For my taste buds, life is good.
Speaking of which, I had doner for the third time the other night, and it was absolutely fantastic! After world peace, my second wish would be that everyone could just have a doner normale, a fladenbrot (flatbread) filled to the brim with lamb meat, lettuce, red cabbage, onions, and tomatoes--and don't forget the special sauce! I think this idea would actually facilitate world peace because of how instantly happy everyone (and their mouths and their bellies) would be. I have already promised my family to treat them to doner if they come visit me. This promise is extended to anyone not already here who would like to visit :-P
Tomorrow, if all goes well, a group of us is going to Buchenwald, the concentration camp, where Elie Wiesel was once a prisoner. Should be interesting, to say the least. Pictures to come.

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